Resep Spicy Chicken Wings

By , 2006-07-27 10:15:25

1. 2 1/4 lbs chicken wings
2. 4 cups vegetable oil
3. 1/4 cup butter
4. 5 tbs Frank- Durkees red hot cayenne pepper sauce
5. 1 stalk celery
6. blue cheese dressing

Trim and separate the wing bone from the drummette.
Heat the oil to 370 F. Deep fry the wings a feww at a time. 10 minutes each batch. Be sure to maintain the oil at the set temperature.
Reserve hot in the oven.

Melt butter in a saucepan and add the hot sauce.
Toss the chicken wings over the sauce to coat.
Place chicken wings in a saucepan and broil wings for 3-5 minutes.
Make sure the wings do not get burned.

While wings are cookin, cut celery into sticks.
Blue cheese dressing is to serve as a dip for both the wings and celery.

Place the chicken wings in a serving bowl and serve them with the celery and dip.

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