Recipe Detail Artichaud Dieppoise!

Artichaud Dieppoise!

1/2 tb Oil
2 tb Green Onionss(Chopped) 1 oz Crabmeat 1 oz Cream (Heavy - 32% M.F.) 1/2 ts Italian Herbs 1 Artichoke Bottom (cooked) 1/4 c Mushrooms (Sliced) 1 oz White Wine 1 pn Salt & White Pepper 3 tb Hollandaise-recipe to -follow -SAUCE HOLLANDAISE- 1 Egg Yolk 2 oz Butter (Melted) Cayenne Pepper
to taste 1/2 ts White Wine 1/8 ts Lemon Juice
Heat oil in a fry pan. Add onions, artichoke and mushrooms and saute until softened. Add crab, wine and herbs, cook over medium heat until wine has reduced by 2/3. Add cream and cook until sauce thickens to sauce consistency. Season with salt and white pepper. Sauce Hollandaise Place egg yolk in a stainless steel bowl, add wine. Place bowl over pot of water, rolling at a gentle simmer. Whisk mixture constantly until it starts to thicken. Remove bowl from heat, and SLOWLY whisk in melted butter. Finish with lemon juice. Assembly: Place Artichoke bottom in center of plate. Fill with crab mixture. Spoon hollandaise sauce over top. Brown with broiler in oven, if desired.


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