Recipe Detail Baby Potatoes Coated with Almonds

Baby Potatoes Coated with Almonds

3 lb Baby new potatoes 2 tb Almond oil 2 ea Jalapeno peppers, seeded & minced 2 tb Grated ginger 1/2 c Powdered almonds* 2 tb Cilantro, minced Salt & pepper Lemon juice
Steam potatoes till just tender, about 15 minutes. Set them aside. Combine oil, peppers, ginger, almonds & cilantro in a large bowl. Add potatoes & toss till well coated. Season with salt & pepper & sprinkle with lemon juice. Spear potatoes with cocktail sticks; arrange on a platter. Serve hot, or keep warm in a 250F oven for up to 30 minutes. *To powder almonds, place blanched almonds in a food processor & pulese until they are reduced to a powder.


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