Recipe Detail Brunswick Stew Ii

Brunswick Stew Ii

2 lb Broiler-fryer chicken, to 3 lb Broiler-fryer chicken, -cut into serving pieces 2 c Water
6 Whole peppercorns 2 Bay leaves
2 t Salt
3 Ripe tomatoes, peeled and -cut into 8 wedges each 1 md Onions, thinly sliced 10 oz Fr oz en lima beans, thawed 10 oz Whole kernel corn, thawed 10 oz Fr oz en okra, thawed and -sliced into 1/2-inch pieces 1. Wash chicken and pat dry.
2. Place chicken, water, peppercorns, bay leaves and salt in a deep, 3-quart, heat-resistant, non-metallic casserole. Stir to combine.
3. Heat, covered, in Microwave Oven 10 minutes. Stir contents. Heat, covered, in Microwave Oven an additional 5 minutes.
4. If desired, remove chicken from bone and cut into 1-inch pieces. 5. Discard bay leaves and peppercorns. 6. Return chicken to broth and add remaining ingredients. 7. Heat, covered, in Microwave Oven 10 minutes. 8. Uncover and heat an additional 5 minutes or until chicken and vegetables are tender. 9. Serve in soup bowls.


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