Recipe Detail Company Cheese Spread

Company Cheese Spread

Ingredients :
4 oz cheddar cheese, low-fat, sharp 4 oz ricotta cheese, non-fat 1/2 cupwalnuts 1/2 cupcalifornia dried figs 1/4 cupparsley sprigs 1/4 cupred bell pepper, chunked OR 2 tb canned pimento 1 eachgarlic clove 2 tablespoon milk, low, or non-fat

If using a food processor, cut low-fat cheddar cheese into cubes. Process until finely chopped
. Add ricotta cheese, process about 10 seconds. Add remaining ingredients, except milk, and process until all ingredients are finely chopped
. Add milk as needed to reach desired consistency.

Serve with crackers or crisp vegetable sticks.

Each serving contains about: Calories 79.3, Fat 5.61G, Sodium 58.0MG, Cholesterol 10.4MG, Protein 3.58G, Carbohydrates 4.71G, Fiber 1.10G


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