Australian whiting

Australian whiting

A wide range of important whiting from the Sillaginidae family are caught in the waters surrounding Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. These fish are long and tapered in shape, with two dorsal fis, each with a diffring number of spines and soft rays. They are unrelated to the whiting from the Gadidae family. Various methods of fihing are used to harvest these fish commercially, and they all have diffring habitats. All members have a bony structure and white, flaky textured flesh.

Sand whiting (Sillago ciliate)

Also known as silver or summer whiting, this elegant fish is being considered for aquaculture. It is caught along the east coast of Australia by beach seine, haul nets, and gillnets and is a highly regarded angling fish.

School whiting (Sillago bassensis)

There are several “school whiting” caught in waters around the Australian coast. They are similar in appearance, each with some distinguishing marks on a silver skin. A delicate, sweet flvour, similar to other whiting, low in fat with a fie texture. Best when fresh and excellent steamed, poached, and pan-fried.

CUTS Whole (gutted); filets (both single and block/butterfl filets).

EAT Cooked: Steam, pan-fry, grill, bake. Preserved: Smoked, dried, salted.

FLAVOUR PAIRINGS Olive oil, butter, milk, parsley, chervil.



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