Emperor Bream

Emperor Bream

Emperor Bream (LETHRINUS ATKINSONI) Known as emperor fish as well as emperor bream, these fish are also referred to as scavengers, rudderfish, and porgies. They are members of the Lethrinidae family, a relatively small group with 39 known species located in tropical reef seas of the Indo-Pacific through to Australia, and also off the west coast of Africa. They are carnivorous, feeding off the bottom of the sea. Most of the species are esteemed food fish and are recognized by the two dorsal fins with 10 spines. Emperor bream has a beige back with brown lines along the flanks and an orange mark around the gill flap. The lateral line curves over along the body to the forked tail or caudal fin. The flesh is white, full-flavoured, and firm-textured.

CUTS Usually whole.

EAT Cooked: Pan-fried, baked, or roasted; it takes robust flavours well.


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