Grey mullet

Grey mullet


(Mugil cephalus) The dashing sleek and silver-grey mullets of the Mugilidae family are found near the shore, in brackish and fresh water, and in tropical, subtropical, and temperate seas worldwide (in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans). Grey mullet is very common and is a popular food fish, which is highly commercial in many countries. They are used in Chinese medicine, too. There are around 75 species, which have silvery-grey, elongated bodies with no visible lateral line. They are noted for their small mouths and, sometimes, thick lips. In Southeast Asia grey mullet is cultivated in ponds. This fish can have a slightly earthy taste, but soaking it in a little acidulated water just before cooking helps to improve the flavour.

CUTS Whole unprepared fish; fillets (scaled, but skin on).

EAT Cooked: Grey mullet can be pan-fried, roasted, or baked. The roe is used fresh and smoked. Preserved: Dried and salted products are available.

CLASSIC RECIPES Taramasalata; besugo al horno.


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