HADDOCK (MELANOGRAMMUS AEGLEFINUS), Fishmongers refer to haddock, from the Gadidae family, as ping, chat, kit, gibber and jumbo (in ascending order of size). Second only to cod, it is found in the Northeast Atlantic and nearby seas. It is subject to both a quota and minimum landing size to enable the stocks to remain sustainable.

Haddock has a black lateral line on a grey back and a silver flank. Traditionally used for fish and chips, and preferred in this dish in Scotland, but also poached for fish pie and baked for haddock Mornay. It has a delicate, creamy, white, and sweet flavours

CUTS Whole (gutted, with head on or off; filet; roe.


Cooked: Deep-fry or pan-fry in batter or breadcrumbs (considered sweeter than cod), grill, bake, poach in a court-bouillon or milk, steam, use poached flsh for fish pie and for soup.

Preserved: Hot smoked (Arbroath smokies), cold smoked (undyed and dyed filet), traditional Finnan haddock.

FLAVOUR PAIRINGS Parsley, milk, bay leaf, dulse seaweed, Cheddar cheese.


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