Pollock, also known as green pollock and lythe, rivals cod in flavour and texture. Not of great importance commercially, it is a sport fish for recreational sea anglers. It is caught in the coastal waters throughout the North Atlantic and extensively spans the coast from Newfoundland right down to the Iberian Peninsula. It is often found in shallow inshore waters and grows up to 1m (3ft 3in) in length. With an olive-green back fading to a silver belly, pollock has a fie lateral line that has the appearance of being stitched in place as it is slightly puckered. Alaskan pollock, a related species, is similar to cod in colour (with yellow speckles on the skin) and in the texture of the filets (lean, snow white, and succulent). Found in the North Pacific and caught by Alaska, Russia and Japan, it is prolifi in the Bering Sea.

CUTS  Whole (gutted with head on or off; filets.

EAT Cooked: Roast, deep-fry, bake, poach, steam. , Preserved: Salted; smoked.

FLAVOUR PAIRINGS Tomatoes, chilli, pancetta, basil.

CLASSIC RECIPE Fish and chips


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