Rabbit fish

Rabbit fish

Rabbit fish Also known as spinefoots or ratfish, there are around 28 species of rabbit fish. Caught in the Indo-Pacific and the eastern Mediterranean, several species are fished for food. Many species are colourful and some are also very decorative, which makes them popular in aquariums. They grow to around 40cm (16in) long and are easily identified by their small, slightly pouting lips over obvious front teeth that give the fish the appearance of a rabbit hence the name. The dorsal fin is spiky and particularly vicious, and it needs to be trimmed away before cooking.

CUTS Whole, ungutted and uncleaned; fillets

EAT Cooked: Grill, pan-fry, bake, or add to curries and stews.

FLAVOUR PAIRINGS Thai and African-Caribbean flavours of coconut, coriander, and spices.


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