SAITHE (COLEY) (POLLACHIUS VIRENS) Saithe is also known as coley, coalfih, black cod, green cod, and sometimes as pollack in the US. This key member of the cod family is considered an inexpensive alternative to cod and, for many years, has been viewed as good for only cat food as it is only palatable if eaten very fresh. Young fish live in the top layers of the sea and swim deeper as they mature. Saithe is caught in the Northern Atlantic, both in the USA and Europe. Available all year round,though it is not at its best during the summer months.

The fish of this fish has been described as coarse, but it has been undervalued. It looks grey pink when raw but, on cooking, whitens well and becomes flky and well flvoured. It works in a fish casserole or curry, as it takes robust flavours well

CUTS Whole: gutted with head on or off filet.


Cooked: Deep-fry; pan-fry in batter or breadcrumbs; bake; poach in court bouillon; steam; use poached fish for fish pie and fish cakes. Inexpensive addition to fih soups.

Preserved: Cold and hot smoked (dyed and undyed); dried; salted; cured; smoked.

FLAVOUR PAIRINGS Butter, milk, beer, parsley, chives.


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