The group of fish known as toothfish and rock cod (from the Nototheniidae family) are all found in cold water, particularly in the Antarctic, but also in the southeast Pacific and southwest Atlantic. They can reach considerable lengths, but most landed fish are around 70cm (28in) long. Toothfish is often marketed under the name of sea bass, but it is not related to that group. As it is a slow-growing fish, there have been concerns over its sustainability, but the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) has certified the South Georgia Patagonian Toothfish Longline Fishery as sustainable.

ALTERNATIVES Toothfish are endangered in some parts of the world. The white flesh has a dense texture and sweet flavour to rival other white fish, so there are no immediate alternatives, but any firm, white, textured fish, such as cod, sea bass, or pollack, can be used instead.

CUTS (Usually frozen and occasionally fresh): steaks; fillets.

EAT Cooked: Pan-fried, grilled, barbecued, crusted, sautéed, roasted, and baked. Preserved: Cold and hot smoked


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