Wolf fish

Wolf fish (anarhichadidae) The wolf fish group is a small number of related species found in both Atlantic and Pacific waters. Aggressive in appearance and with a mouthful of lots of uneven teeth, they resemble an eel in shape but have a thick-set body. Also known as seawolf, ocean catfish and wolf eel (the common name for the Pacific species), they vary in colour from a simple brown to sporting strips or spots. The flesh is firm, white, and meaty with a good flavour. Found in marine waters, some of these fish have been subject to overfishing and there are concerns about the rapidly depleting stock.

ALTERNATIVES Wolf fish are endangered in some parts of the world. The following fish can be used interchangeably: Pacific cod, barracuda.

CUTS Available fresh and frozen; skinned; in fillets.

EAT Cooked: Steam, fry, grill, poached, and baked.


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