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There are many members of the Mugiladae family, including goatfish and red mullets. Many of the 55 species are beautifully marked and brightly coloured. Caught in warm-temperate and tropical seas in the Indo-Pacific, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oce


The extensive bream family (Sparidae) is distributed globally in temperate and tropical seas. The numerous members of this group (known as porgies in the US) are important commercial fish for many countries. Most bream have a round, deep, laterally c


(MORONIDAE GROUP)  Confusingly, sea bass is a


Grouper (Serranidae Group) There are several hundr


Redfish (Scorpaenidae) are a selection of fish tha

Surgeon fish

Surgeon fish (siganus), There are around 80 specie

Rabbit fish

Rabbit fish Also known as spinefoots or ratfish, t

Wolf fish

Wolf fish (anarhichadidae) The wolf fish group is


The group of fish known as toothfish and rock cod


Gurnard Also known as sea robin in the USA, variet