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Mozzarella and tomato

Mozzarella cheese is used in a lot of the recipes,

Eggplant antipasto

Caponata should taste agro dolce, which means slig

Grilled mozzarella cheese

This recipe classic Italian sandwich, makes simple

venetian salted cod pâté

Don’t be put off by the cod’s aroma, b

Marinated olives

This recipe is for spicy marinated olives. Serve t

Bruschetta with tomato

There are endless ways of making bruschetta con po

Double cranberry scones

While baking, the aroma of these scones will have

Lemony spelt scones

spelt and brown rice flours join forces with sesam

Ginger wasabi mayonnaise

This is an easy mayonnaise based sauce with a diff

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate and mint together provide a tasty treat

Chicken Stock

A subtly flavored, low-sodium stock that’s e

Farofa de Malagueta

Farofas are Brazilian condiments made with manioc